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An Educational Streaming Platform

For Movement Education

A simple click and you can teach a class that meets
the P.E and Dance curriculum outcomes

Giving Primary teachers with limited expertise, time or resources all they need to meet the Dance and P.E curriculum outcomes

Video Lessons

Includes warm ups, dance foundations, games, routines & more.


Lesson Plans

Including assessment templates and quick lesson prep videos.


Original Music Tracks

All age appropriate and custom made for EC2D.


Built By Actual Dancers and Teachers

At the click of a button Every Chance to Dance reduces teacher workload and stress whilst actively engaging students in new ways to develop their movement skills and self confidence – plus improving their overall health and well-being.

Watch Online Anywhere Anytime!

What teachers are saying

EC2D has had a really positive impact on our students -providing them fantastic opportunities for creative self-expression, building confidence and self-belief. The program supports students of all abilities and is now embedded in our school – our students just love it.

Laurie Campbell| Principal Kaleen Primary School

The kids love it!!! EC2D makes teaching dance easy. The lessons are lead on screen by Franco and the kids are totally engaged. I’m no Fred Astaire, but with EC2D even an old, out of shape, try-hard, teacher like myself can keep up…

JamesYear 2 Kaleen Primary Classroom teacher

Our students are loving the program and i am amazed each week when i dance with the year 5/6 students how involved they are. I have been watching one student who refused to dance in the first few weeks slowly develop his confidence. This week the student moved to the front line and danced for the whole session. It was the most rewarding observation!

Lisa WilliamsChapman Primary Executive Teacher

Teaching Students to Dance

has never been easier





the team

EC2D across Australia

EC2D is helping schools across Australia and New Zealand

EC2D’s historical map of users. We have branched out across different regions of Australia and are proud to say we are found in classrooms internationally.
Join us today to be part of the EC2D mission – reducing teacher’s workloads as well as encouraging kids to get moving.

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