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Do teachers have a good work-life balance?

By October 3, 2018No Comments

Do teachers have a good work-life balance?

Regardless of your career, all jobs have moments where the work-life balance can be non-existent. Organisation is preached as one of the biggest aids to a high workload. Unfortunately, for some, it’s not a matter of being organised or not. Because, let’s face it, even being organised takes time. For some people, like teachers, it’s time that’s the biggest hinderance.

Within Australia up to half of employed teachers leave the profession within the first five years. 453 teachers in NSW were surveyed as part of a research study towards the profession. It was found that two-thirds of the group identified with having time-management issues as their largest downfall. Due to such a high demand of work, there is said to be little time for mentoring, collaboration and self-development.

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