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Teacher advice – How to get students to like you

By September 11, 2019No Comments

The Journal of Educational Psychology recently published a study that engaged with more than 2000 NSW and VIC students. This study indicated that there was an improved school engagement due to the positive relationships with teachers.

“We found that as you kept adding more positive relationships into the mix, engagement kept tracking up and up,” the study’s lead author and a professor of educational psychology at UNSW, Andrew Martin, said.

The time that goes into creating a strong relationship with students can be done and assisted in creative ways. The advice on building strong relationships can be the cornerstone to a happier and better results-driven classroom. 

Blake Fatouros, the director of co-curricular programs at MLC School in Sydney’s west, said the study proves a strategy he has been using in his teaching for years.

“It’s nice to see that the things we’ve known anecdotally for a few years now have evidence behind them,” said Mr Fatouros, who is also a dance and entertainment teacher.

“When you’re involved in school clubs and choreographic productions, the kids you do work with outside the classroom, you have a better relationship within the classroom.


Teacher engaging with classroom

A healthy relationship in the classroom can make all the difference.


Professor Martin reiterated the importance of building positive relationships, but there is the ever-looming fact that the majority of teachers are juggling a growing administrative workload al

Professor Martin said the importance of building positive relationships was well-known among teachers but they are often juggling a growing administrative workload alongside their pedagogical role.

“Teachers are under a lot of pressure and when we’re under stress, sometimes relationships can also come under strain,” he said.

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