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VIDEO | Kelly Turner – Kaleen Primary School

With the release of the dance component of the Australian Curriculum a lot of teachers were confronted with having to teach dance themselves and not knowing where to start. Every Chance to Dance does it for us and helps us to cover all the outcomes for every grade level“.

Kelly Turner | Year 6 teacher Kaleen Primary School

Every Chance to Dance

A Breakthrough Dance & P.E. Resource for Primary Schools

VIDEO | 2018 PROMO – Every Chance to Dance

Every Chance to Dance is the first online dance resource to deliver arts, health and physical education outcomes to Australian primary schools. Aligned with the Australian Curriculum, Every Chance to Dance gives teachers a fun, practical tool to provide a high quality learning experience for their students.

Meeting the Curriculum | EC2D Modules

Every Chance to Dance features four modules – each containing 30-minute lessons which can be delivered weekly across four school terms for an entire year if required. While focusing primarily on dance each of the modules also includes lessons that align with other areas of the arts curriculum – including music, visual arts, media and drama.

Module 01 | Rhythm Basics

Students learn basic rhythm and groove patterns to beat and explore and demonstrate their own body movements.

Empowerment Focus
Identity | “You are somebody!”

Other Curriculum Link
Music | Health and Physical Education

Module 02 | Enviro Moves

Students learn to explore and use different movements connect to the environments around them.

Empowerment Focus
“You and your environment”

Other Curriculum Link
Visual Arts | Health and Physical Education

Module 03 | Break Free

Students learn to use the fundamental basics of two dance styles Breakdance and Contemporary to break free.

Empowerment Focus
Social inclusion & Freedom from bullying

Other Curriculum Link
Media | Health and Physical Education

Module 04 | Enrich Your Culture

Students explore and develop appreciation of different dance cultures.

Empowerment Focus
Harmony and appreciation of different cultures

Other Curriculum Link
Drama | Health and Physical Education

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