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Teaching kids to be solution driven

By October 9, 2019No Comments

Encouraging problem solving can help solve some of the problems

We’re all a bit busy, and if you have your own tribe, it’s more like very busy. In the moments of chaos though it is important to re-introduce and maintain some sort of order and routine, this allows kids to know what to expect and will less likely result in tantrums, meltdowns or anxiety-related outbreaks. Obviously, this varies and this is not an application that can be subscribed to every single child. 

If the mornings in your house are particularly busy, when the moment arises, ask your child in a  calm manner “the mornings are a little bit crazy around here, what do you think could help us be more organised and less manic?”. Offering participation in being solution-driven allows your child to become a problem solver in an issue that they directly understand and are affected by. 


Get them thinking

Giving kids the support and space to solve issues may or may not work for you and your child. It’s hard to say that every prescription of method will work for every child because if that were the case we wouldn’t need so many blogs or articles talking about the same topics. However, encouraging children to be creative and driven in trying to come up with solutions can’t hurt.


A routine that they’ve had the opportunity to create themselves will most likely result in them following the morning routines rather than not. 

Helping them operationalise the systems they create will create a healthy and balanced system. Also, opening up space for them to contribute to your own issues will give them an opportunity to help come up with solutions.